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The touch of Reiki: Dissipates anger, soothes away worries, evokes a heartfelt sense of gratitude, inspires us to be and to do our very best. Engenders a state of loving kindness ~ James Deacon


Reiki balances body, mind and spirit, activates and accelerates body's natural ability to heal itself.


My Reiki journey began in year 2012 when experiencing a health challenge of my own.


Conventional medicine provided me with medication and treatment that was not effective. As time went on and in quest for my health I started looking for a different solution. I came across a Reiki leaflet in my local health shop. I was at a stage when I would try anything so I booked myself for a Reiki treatment. I was quite skeptical but thought I have nothing to lose. To my amazement, somehow, I was able to physically perceive and feel the Reiki pulsation during the treatment and to my disbelief I also experienced relief of my symptoms straight after the very first session. I still did not know ''what'' it was but I was absolutely sure what I experienced was some invisible gentle vibrating force penetrating through my body. There was no doubt 'it was not only in my head'. It was a very physical experience, I could neither deny nor rationalise. Encouraged, I booked myself for approx 10 subsequent treatments, impressed how session after session my body was repairing and healing in some miraculous way. By this time I was totally in awe of Reiki and after learning that it was possible for everyone to tap into this ''source'' of healing ''energy'' and use it for our own benefit and to treat others, I booked myself for Reiki Level I and continued self-healing on a regular basis. Now, over four years on, I can say that Reiki has changed my life in every way possible and continues to amaze me. Over time I became so attuned to this energy that I'm now able to detect energy blockages, old injuries, pains or clients problems without being aware of their issues. I am so thankful for discovering this gift and the experience that brought me towards it. Now I know that what I once perceived as my biggest challenge later proven to be a blessing in disguise.


My Reiki qualification:

Accredited by CNHC Council (Professional Standards Authority for Health and Social Care)

Member of the UK Reiki Federation which is the National Association for Reiki Professionals   in England.

Certified Reiki Master Practitioner, Usui Shiki Ryoho (December 2014)

Certified Reiki Level I and Level II Practitioner, Usui Shiki Ryoho (2012)



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UK Reiki Federation


Accredited by CNHC



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