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The touch of Reiki: Dissipates anger, soothes away worries, evokes a heartfelt sense of gratitude, inspires us to be and to do our very best. Engenders a state of loving kindness ~ James Deacon


Reiki balances body, mind and spirit, activates and accelerates body's natural ability to heal itself.


- Nicola B.

It is always a delight when Zuzana comes to the house for a Reiki session.  She is an inspiration, and has even inspired me to do Reiki 1, which has helped me understand Reiki even better.  I highly recommend Zuzana and her blissful Reiki practice.


- Patricia G.

Zuzana is a great therapist - very calm and focused. I have really felt the benefits of Reiki since Zuzana has been working with me.  Thoroughly recommend her!


- Monika H.

Zuzana is an excellent therapist!  Her Reiki sessions are tremendous help for me right now as I'm going through big changes in my life. She helped me clearing energy blocks what I didn't know about. After the blockages gone good things started to come into my life again!  With her patience and positive vibe I can only recommend her! I am so grateful that we met! Looking forward for more healing sessions with her! Thank you Zuzana.


- Jana P.

Thank you for the beautiful Reiki session. It was a magical experience, your hands went exactly where they were supposed to and I felt calm, relaxed and content. Thank you again and I hope to get more treatments from you soon.


- Michaela G.

I have received a few Reiki treatments from Zuzana. The first Reiki session was a pleasant new experience. During the Reiki treatment I have visualised colors and symbols. After the session I experienced a feeling of happiness and felt very relaxed but soon after started crying as something shifted on an emotional level.

Whilst receiving the second Reiki treatment, I have again visualised symbols. This session really helped me emotionally, as I was going though some challenging times. The treatment evoked a better mood and peace of mind. The last treatment was the most pleasant one. I again visualised different life scenes, after the treatment I felt really charged! I can't wait to receive another treatment.